Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles“Eye creams, who should use them?”

Just about every Tom, Dick, and Harry, actually – no matter your race or age.

While it is important to start using anti-aging products at age 25, eye creams are often ignored when it comes to eye care.

The best eye cream for dark circles is one of your best bets for keeping up your look (or transforming your eyes when they look in despair).

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles 2017

1. Amara Organics – for Dark Circles as well as Puffiness

Amara Organics Eye Cream Gel for Dark Circles and Puffiness with PeptidesThis total repair eye cream tightens and awakens the skin around your eyes leaving you feeling more refreshed. Its powerful mix of collagen enhancing, wrinkle repairing, and skin firming components leaves your eyes looking more radiant and youthful.

Moreover, the product restores your skin on a cellular level to display a healthier and fresher looking skin.

Amara’s strong anti-aging components Plant Stem Cells, Peptides, and Matrixyl 3000 firms and tightens sagging skin around your eyes. Its cooling cucumber soothes your skin to reduce puffiness and inflation while Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps to fill wrinkles and fine lines.

This amazing product is also great for the backs of hands, neck, and entire face. In fact, it is effective at fighting wrinkles and fine lines on your entire body.

The product’s non-irritating nature makes it suitable for all types of skin. This is because it contains only organic and natural elements with no parabens, harsh chemicals, and no artificial dyes, fragrances, or color.

This eye cream for dark circles is incredible. My sister has been applying it for the past 2 weeks. Believe me, all her dark circles are gone and she looks more refreshed in the morning. It has taken decades off her eye area. It lifts, it firms, it tightens, it cools, it brightens, and it moisturizes.

Find more Arama Organics information and reviews here


  • An incredible product
  • Very affordable
  • Boasts of a wide range of ingredients
  • Works excellent
  • Tightens delicate eyes

  • Although in isolated cases, this product might irritate some people

2. Kiss Dark Circles and Eye Bags Goodbye – Best Dark Circle Cream

Kiss Dark Circles and Eye Bags GoodbyeThe Kiss Dark Circles and Eye Bags Goodbye organic eye cream nourishes, softens, and depuffs the skin around your eyes to make it radiant and healthy. It also lifts and firms this skin to make it awake and young, resulting in a big-eyed look that is beautiful and hard to turn down.

The cream is made of natural products which are plant-based such as Yeast Proteins, and Soy and Rice Amino Acids.

Additionally, the product is free of Alcohol, Sulphates, Fragrance, Gluten, PEG, SLS, Phthalates, and Parabens. It is 100 percent made in a United States FDA registered facility to ensure that it is safe for human use and doesn’t have any side effect such as itchy skin, allergies, or irritation.

As you might know, not all products are responsive to all people. Therefore, in case Kiss Dark Circles and Eye Bags Goodbye doesn’t work for you, you will be refunded your money – 100 percent.

My sister has been using this product a whole lot these past few weeks for making her eyes look and feel better. Her best friend was admitted to the hospital and needless to say she had quite a bit of zero sleep, you might really tell it. The skin and bags under and around her eyes were really bad until she found this amazing product. It has worked on her delicate eye very easily and quickly.

Buy Kiss Dark Circles and Eye Bags Goodbye here


  • Comes in a quality container
  • Features a controllable pump
  • Serum is quite thick
  • Applies smooth and dries easily

  • Might feel a slight tingle during the first days of use

3. Baebody Eye Gel – Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Baebody Eye Gel for Dark Circles, Puffiness, Wrinkles and BagsThis product by Baebody includes a number of well-known anti-aging elements into a cream which has a weak scent of cucumber and goes on smoothly. It comes in a sufficient-sized jar with a smooth push-down dispenser.

The cream features different popular components found in other eye products such as Matrixyl 3000, Plant Stem Cells, and Vitamin E. Matrixyl 3000 is a second-generation anti-aging peptide mix (palmitoyl-oligopepride and palmitoyl-tripeptide) that supposedly facilitates skin repair and boosts collagen production.

The incorporation of Plant Stem Cells in eye creams is a somewhat the latest trend. This element is believed to protect your skin against aging and sun damage. Baebody Eye Gel also features other ingredients such as MSM and Hyaluronic Acid that plumps and hydrates your skin.

In addition, the cream rejuvenates and restores your eye under the skin through its moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Between chronic insomnia, very fair skin, and seasonal allergies, I always had puffy eyes and dark circle. All I desired from this product was to stop my daughter from telling me that I looked tired on every occasion – it worked so much better that I expected. In about 2 days, all the circles under my sensitive eyes were substantially reduced.


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  • Suitable for use on the entire face
  • Refreshes the eye
  • Have a cool smell of cucumber

  • Might tingle or burn sensitive skin

4. YEOUTH Eye Gel – Best Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

YEOUTH Eye Gel Cream for Anti AgingTreating Dark Circles and Bags, YEOUTH Eye Gel Cream features an “anti-bag” element which penetrates your pores to reduce swollen eyelids, sagging, and enhance firmness, smoothness, as well as even tone of the skin under your eye. The cream also helps to repair the tissues around your eyes.

With frequent use, its anti-inflammatory nature provides a significant reduction in blotchiness, tiredness, and violet coloration under your eyes. You will love how it will make your eyes look younger.

The cream also diminishes puffy eyes, droopy lids, and puffiness using natural ingredients which mix with keratin to form a tightening cover on your skin’s surface. As the product dries, the coat forms tension to generate a lifting impact. This visibly improves the fold of your upper eyelid, to provide the skin under and around your eye a firm look. This makes YEOUTH one of the best under eye gel for dark circles.

Additionally, the main ingredients, Tripeptide and Hyaluronic Acid reduce crows feet, fine lines, and wrinkles to produce a plumper and smoother skin. It fills wrinkles via skin hydration to make it an effective wrinkle cream.

I don’t have a lot of experience with this product but from what I see from the ingredient list, it must be a great product. I will give it a try.

Buy YEOUTH Eye Gel here


  • No scent
  • Comes in a great pack
  • Great for dry skins

  • Causes a little itching

5. Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin – Best Rated Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Bremenn Research Labs HylexinHylexin is one of the most dedicated eye creams on the market today. Manufactured by Bremenn Research Labs, this product is recommended for individuals with serious dark circle issues. In fact, the firm states that some individuals get dark circle rarely, after a long night or even a few long nights – these aren’t the individuals the product is made for.

This cream is made for individuals who inherited thin skin and leaky or broken capillaries that lead to a bluish purple darkness that makes you look drained.

This cream contains an element that has been tested and shown to repair broken capillaries and use the enzymatic process to aid to stop the creation of the bluish-red color below your eyes. This element is known as Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone.

Other notable ingredients include silica for smoothing out your skin, glycerin for moisturizing your skin, and peptides for stimulating the creation of collagen to support your skin structure and firm it up.

Find more Hylexin information and reviews here


  • Packaging is hygienic and ensures that the elements are stable
  • It works really well
  • The firm offers money back guarantee

  • A bit expensive
  • Only suitable for reducing dark circles

Understanding Eye Cream for Dark Circles

An eye cream for dark circles is a very light lotion or cream applied to the skin under and around your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The main different between these products and facial moisturizers is that eye gels are gentler. They are a different type of moisturizers and thus suitable for thinner and more sensitive part of your eyes.

Eye creams also reduce puffiness around your eye area, due to sun damage and irritation, by providing soothing results and reducing the inflammation.

When do You Need Eye Cream for Dark Circles?

Generally, dark circles under your eyes occur due to allergies, poor blood circulation, and lack of sleep. Sadly, they are also as a result of genetics and aging. They may occur when you begin to see the blood vessels around and under your skin’s thin surface.

In other situations, you might get exposed to dangerous elements and the skin around your eyes change.

These are the times when you need a special product in the name of eye cream for dark circles. Therefore, you might require this gel to care and nourish your under eye skin when your hit age 20 and above or even when you younger (depending on your genetics).

How to Choose the Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

The best cream is the one that has emollient formulations.

In addition, choose a product that:

1. Has SPF element
2. Doesn’t have fragrances
3. Is top rated
4. Has serum
5. Has oil

All in all, whether you are getting a night or a day eye cream, get a product that has melanin-inhibiting elements that will help in lightening the dark circles under your eyes.

Useful Tips to Remember

  • Always know the cause for your dark circles.
  • If your cream doesn’t have SPF, apply sunscreen on your face.
  • Avoid products that claim to bring immediate change.
  • Consult your doctor if the dark circles don’t reduce.
  • Always try to prevent dark circles as opposed to treating them.

In Conclusion

Your eyes are center-and-front of your entire body, yet they are the first to deteriorate. While expression lines and wrinkle are unavoidable, adding a cream to your skin care products will aid you to age gracefully.

Essentially, these products work in 3 ways: by calming, protecting, and moisturizing the sensitive skin around and under your eyes. The best product will also include elements that regenerate and renew your cells, strengthening your skin fibers such as elastin and collagen.

This is what you get from the Kiss Dark Circle and Eye Bags Goodbye eye cream. It is an organic eye cream that nourishes, softens, and depuffs the skin around your eyes to make it radiant and healthy.

Other elements also work to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation to help reduce the fluid retention and swelling that leads to puffiness, while antioxidants protect from free-radical damage and nourish your skin.

Through the critical moisturizing process, you might realistically slow down the creation of wrinkles by keeping your skin plump. For existing problems – such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles – the best eye cream for dark circles help to enhance their look.

For instance, you might increase your skin’s softness by adding emollience to your cells, but it is not possible to directly boost elasticity.